Steam Crave Hadron Plus DNA250C Kit-Strong & High-end vaping

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Steam Crave Hadron Plus DNA250C Kit-Strong & High-end vaping


Mensaje por vapesourcing » 14 Sep 2021, 10:35

Today,I want to telly you the new Steam Crave Hadron Plus DNA250C Kit.The equipped high discharge Li-Po Battery, FullMax has a very low profile and a lower chance of experiencing leaking electrolytes, low internal resistance, long cycle life, and safety guarantee. It can provide you an unprecedented experience with good safety performance.
Ragnar RDTA - Steam Crave Modular steam monster brings the best flavor. Thanks to its modular design, 35mm Ragnar RDTA offers the option of being used as RDA or RTA. Included with this unique RDTA is a large wide bore 810 drip tip, perfect for high wattage vaping and cloud chasing. Using a 25ml glass, the tank capacity can be expanded from 18ml to 25ml. The Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA is super easy to refill ‚Äď just screw off the top cap to reveal the large fill holes. t has adjustable side and bottom airflow. It uses 80% of the side airflow and 20% of the bottom, creating a smooth and flavorful draw each time. You can choose from several different settings, whether many small holes or several larger ones.

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