First Look-Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit

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First Look-Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit


Mensaje por vapesourcing » 21 Jul 2021, 10:26

Hey guys. Today I'm gonna introduce the Lost Vape Ursa Mini Kit. It looks very like the Ursa Quest Multi, so what's the difference between them? Let's dive in for more details.

The Ursa Mini Pod Kit's maximum output power can be up to 30w, and it has a 0.69-inch adjustable display screen, allowing you to adjust your favorite power and perfect flavor. Simultaneously, it has four holes to adjust the airflow. In addition, even if it is a mini kit, it has a built-in battery of 1200mAh, which is convenient to carry and can also meet the power demand of the whole day.
When you replace a new atomizer, the Ursa Mini can automatically identify the resistance of the new atomizer and display it on the display screen in time. What's more, it uses a strong zinc alloy shell, shining with the metallic luster of the shell, and eight colors for you to choose, making the whole Ursa Mini Kit by Lost Vape more high-end and tasteful. As a mini kit, its extreme lightness is reflected in that it can be stuffed into the pocket at will, and you can't feel its weight.

Check for more details here: ... d-kit.html

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