VapX ART Pod System kit - a stylish box with a secret

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VapX ART Pod System kit - a stylish box with a secret


Mensaje por vapesourcing » 06 May 2021, 11:52

The theme of new things closes with a product from a very shocking brand VapX. Surely you remember their enchanting appearance, from that moment they managed to show another device to the market. That is, today we will get to know VapX ART Pod Kit quickly.
Case dimensions: 100 x 58 x 20mm Pod
dimensions: 87 x 17 x 15mm
Weight: 20g (hearth weight)
Case material: plastic + metal
Case power: built-in 800mAh Pod
power: built-in 300mAh
Cartridge capacity: 1.4ml
Evaporator resistance: 1.2ő©
Output power: probably 18W
Operating mode: Power

This pod vape kit is a case where a small chassis and spare ink cartridges are placed in it. The design is "strictly stylish"-with minimal decoration-except that the logo can be attributed to this.

The capacity of the latter cassette tape has a lot to be improved, but don’t forget the compact size and other copies in the cassette.

The side of the gas station, the vape cigarette holder is obviously metal, in addition, it also has an antibacterial coating. The evaporator is built-in and there is no expected airflow regulation. You can click here to learn more details:

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